Publication date: September 2019



1. The name of the League will be "The Plymouth Company Squash League".
2. Management of the league will be carried out by a sub-committee of The Plymouth Company Squash League (referred to in this schedule as "The Committee".) and in the case of conflict, the decision of the General Committee of the Plymouth Company Squash League shall be binding.
The Committee shall comprise of:-

Results Secretary
Press Officer
Ladies Representative
Tournament Secretary
Committee Member(s)

Any vacancy arising during the 12 month period between Annual Elections will be filled by invitation of The Committee.

3. The Committee will have the power to elect a President of the League.
4. The Committee will have the power to make such bye-laws and arrangements as they deem necessary for the proper government of the League, to be confirmed, if necessary at the next A.G.M.


1. The Annual General Meeting of the League will be held during the months of May or June each year and the business will be:-
(a)To approve minutes of the last A.G.M.
(b)To receive the Secretarys report.
(c)To receive and pass accounts for the preceding year.
(d)To elect Officers and Committee.
(e)League presentations
(f)Any other business.
2. The retiring Committee will, each year, recommend for adoption at the A.G.M, Officers and Committee for the following year and this list will be published at least four weeks before the A.G.M. In the event of alternative nominations being received, election will be by ballot.
3. Notice of any suggested amendments to the Rules and/or alternative Committee nominations, must be received by the League Secretary, in writing, proposed and seconded, by two fully paid up participant companies, not later than 14 days before the date of the A.G.M.
4. The balance sheet will be available for inspection at the A.G.M.
5. The Committee may call a Special General Meeting of the League, giving 14 days notice, notifying every participant company by circular stating the specific object of the meeting. On the same conditions, they may also call a Special Meeting on written requisitions signed by at least two thirds of the fully paid up participant Companies/Associations.
6. At all Special Meetings, attendance of three quarters of participant companies will be necessary to form a quorum and a majority of two thirds of the Companies/Associations present will be required to pass a resolution.
7. Each team will be entitled to one vote at the A.G.M. or any S.G.M.that may be called.
8. No rule can be altered or rescinded unless agreed by at least two thirds of the companies attending the Annual or Special General Meeting. Those companies must be bona fide members of the League.


1. Applications for membership of the League will be at the discretion of the Committee. The two major criteria for membership will be sustainability and reliability .
2. An annual subscription must be paid by each participant company before 1st November each year.


1. The playing season will be from 1st October until 21st April each year. Extension to the season to cover the University and College year may take place at the Commitees discretion .
2. The Committee will draw up and approve a "Fixture Schedule" for each season and set the dates by which each round of fixtures must be played. Prior to the start of the season, all team secretaries or his/her deputy must attend a fixtures meeting. The date of which will be set by the Committee. In the period following the meeting, fixture dates may be altered to accommodate court bookings by the home team. A copy of the final confirmed dates must be sent to the League Secretary by the 1st October.
Changes to the arranged dates can be made if:-
1. Courts are double booked by a squash club.
2. Each team can ask their opponents to rearrange a match on 2 occasions in the period up to Jan 10th and on 2 occasions between Jan 10th and April 4th. Dates for such a rearrangement are at the discretion of the team receiving the request. No team should be expected to accommodate more than 2 rearrangements in either half of the season The league secretary must be notified of any such change.
3. Fixtures must be played on the date agreed and not split over several occasions, except where the match cannot be completed due to court deterioration, when the Committee may give permission for nominated team players to continue the match at a later date, agreed by both secretaries.
4. Responsibility for arranging a fixture will lie with the home team.


1. Players are not required to be an employee of the
Company or Association they represent. No player having played for one company/association's team in the League, may in that season, play for another company/association's team in the League.
In the case of doubt as to eligibility, it is obligatory on the company/association which a player wishes to represent to prove eligibility to the satisfaction of the Committee. Failure to observe this rule will be treated as follows:-
(a) The match will be declared null and void.
(b) A deduction of 18 points will be made from the
offending teams total score.
(c) The match will be replayed with the offending team
responsible for the court fees.


1.a) Teams must always play in strict "Order of Merit" and this must be declared prior to commencement of the session. Once nominated, players may only compete in their seeded position or above. New players may be added at any time but order changes can only be made during a pre defined period as set by the committee.
Once declared, the "Order of Merit" must be observed for all games without exception.
1.b) Companies/associations with two or more teams in the League must declare an overall order of merit by the start of the season.
A player competing in a team above that to which he has been designated must be a player below the overall ranking of the person he/she is replacing.
1.c) No player having been designated to a specific team may play for any team of that company/associations below that level. Any player may, however, play three games for any team above their team during the season but on the forth occasion they will become ineligible for their designated team. Exemptions to this rule will be considered by the Committee in cases of new registrations being made once a season has begun.
1.d) Failure to observe the above rules in section 6 will be penalized by the deduction of 10 points. Appeals against this deduction of points must be made to the League Secretary, in writing, for consideration by the Committee whose decision on the matter, will be final, after all the relevant facts have been considered.



1. Rules of play will be as laid down by the International Squash Rackets Federation.
2. Yellow dot balls will be used on all occasions, unless agreed by both players, except that a white dot ball may be used if the on court temperature is below 45 degrees F.
3. The home team will be expected to provide courts and new balls together with changing and washing facilities for each match.


1. Teams in each division will, during the season, play each other as specified in the "Fixture Schedule" prepared by the Committee. Matches will consist of five ties, best of five games.
2. Points will be awarded in each match on the basis of one for each game won, plus one bonus point per tie won for the team winning the greater number of ties.
3. The League will be won by the team scoring the most points or where two or more teams are level on points, by whichever of those teams has the superior for/against points ratio. Failing that,a play-off will be arranged.


1. Failure to submit a fixture schedule by 1st October six points deduction for every game there after until the schedule is submitted.
2. Teams must play in strict order of merit and this must be exchanged between the two Captains prior to the commencement of the match. Failure to observe this rule will be considered as a case for the deduction of points at the Committees discretion after all the relevant facts have been considered.
3. Failure of a team to offer five bona fide players for an agreed match will result in a score of 3-0 being awarded against the offending team for each tie by which the team is short.
4. In the event of non-arrival of a player within 40 minutes of the scheduled start of the match, except by agreement between the teams, that players team will forfeit the tie. If a team has not at least one player present and ready to play at the scheduled start of the match, that team will be scratched. See Rule 7.3.9.
5. Every match in the League must be marked. The home team is responsible for supplying markers for three of the ties and the visiting team for two ties. Points may be deducted for failure to comply with this rule.
6. A player who, as a result of his/her conduct on court, has a tie awarded against him/her will be ineligible for the team he/she was representing for the next League match played by that team.
7. Detailed results, including:-
(i) Venue of the match
(ii) Names of all players listed in strict order of merit
(iii) Full scores
Cards must be entered on the Company Squash web site by the home team within 3 days of the match date. The visiting team must accept or reject the card within 3 days of being advised by email of submission by the home team. Failure to observe this rule by both teams will be penalized by the deduction of 6 points.
8.Failure by a club to give its opponents at least 48 hours not to fulfill a fixture will be considered as a case for deduction of points under Rule 7.3.9.
9.Walk-overs will be awarded by the Committee only. 20 points will be awarded for a walk-over and the team making its claim must put its case to the League Secretary, in writing, within seven days of the scheduled match, stating the match date and the names of its players. A deduction of 10 points will be made against the offending team. Should a team have three walk-overs awarded against them, suspension from the League may follow and all matches played by that team will be declared void.
Likewise, if a team withdraws from the League during the season, all matches played by them will be declared void. The team who causes a fixture to be cancelled are liable for the cost of the court booking fee.
10.The League Committee has the discretion in the case of a dispute and has the power to penalize by deduction of points in the event of irregularity, indiscipline or breach of rules or to take any action it sees fit. Any complaint must be referred, in writing, to the League Secretary, within seven days of the relevant match.